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Alphabet: An Account of the Origin and Development of Letters - 2 Vols.
By Issac Taylor
Description :

The inventors of writing *The origin of the aphabet *Primitive letters *The Phoenician alphabet *The Aramean alphabets *The South Semitic alphabets *The Greek alphabet *Alphabets of Hellenic Ocean *The Iranian alphabets *Indian alphabet: very well researched book on the development of the Alphabet and writing. The book is in 2 volumes the first being a discussion of the semitic Alphabets and the second is on Aryan Alphabets. The first volume notices the inventors of writing, the origin of the alphabet, the primitive letters, the Phoenician alphabet, the aramean alphabet, and the south semitic alphabets. Volume 2, which is on the Aryan alphabets analysis the Greek alphabet, alphabets of Hellenic origin, the Iranian alphabet, and the Indian alphabets. The book includes charts and diagrams that chart the evolution of the various scripts and alphabets. This book is a reprint of the 1883 edition.

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22cm, Vol. 1: 374p, Vol.2: 404p, Illus.

AES Reprint : 1991 (First Published : London 1883)
Subject :

Writing - History Alphabets

Region :

Asia; West-Asia; South-Asia; India General; Arabia; Levant; Iran / Persia; South India; North-India; Western India; East-India; Pakistan; Ceylon / Sri Lanka

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Language Catalogue (Comparative Philology & Linguistics)

Catalogue :

Master Catalogue (History; Language & Literature; Epigraphy, Paleography & Inscriptions)

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